Mayrene T Earle

Kathy has been my MFR  practitioner since I moved to Cape Cod over 15 years ago. During this  time she has helped me release adhesions developed from both surgery and  radiation treatments for cancer, as well as other restrictions that  occasionally develop during my extensive biking and racquet sport  workouts. Even though she dislikes my referring to her as this, she is a  healer extraordinaire. Kathy uses several different modalities which  makes her such an exceptional therapist. I go to Kathy bi-monthly for  "tune-ups" and really notice a difference when I miss a session while  traveling. Kathy also works with several of my  national champion masters rowers and has gotten them back training  faster than any PT ever has.
Mayrene T. Earle... Brewster MA

Cathy Brown

My work as a home health  aid  was becoming very difficult because of pain issues. I had a  compressed disc that made moving my arm almost impossible and extremely  painful. I had been to several massage therapists seeking relief. I  found Kathy Tanguay of Cape Cod Myofascial Release. After two sessions I  had regained all of my mobility in my arm and the pain was completely  gone. I would never allow another massage therapist to work on me. We  are so fortunate to have someone here on the Cape as Kathy Tanguay. A  hidden treasure!!!
C. Brown... Brewster MA

Raye Thomas

I received a treatment from  Kathy in January 2012 while I was attending a rowing clinic. I was  having problems with my right shoulder. (I row starboard.) Kathy treats  the whole body. She took time to asses discrepancies in my stance and  applied her techniques to my back, hips, and neck. I felt immediate  results and enjoyed my rowing experience much more afterwards!
Raye Thomas... Arizona

S. A. Mulderig

I first met Kathy when I  was away at a rowing camp.  My back was so stiff and sore that I feared I  would have to drop out of camp in the middle. On the recommendation of a  teammate, I contacted Kathy and was able to see her for an MFR  session.  The result of that one session was that I not only felt much  better and was able to move more easily, but my rowing was even better  than it had been during the first part of camp. I have continued to see  Kathy for MFR sessions periodically, and continue to experience  improvement in my back.   I am a believer. 
 S. A. Mulderig... Massachusetts