Kathleen Silva Tanguay LMT

 ​Kathleen  Silva Tanguay is a specially trained licensed massage therapist. She is  the owner of Cape Cod Myofascial Release and has been extremely  successful in helping clients/ patients with acute and chronic pain  issues find the relief they have been seeking. Kathleen is the most  experienced myofascial release therapist on Cape Cod.

When asked  what she feels she is best at, her reply: "eliminating and relieving  pain. The majority of people who walk through my door arrive here after  they have been unsuccessful in their attempts to find relief via other  methods.  To witness a person  go from a very limited life because of  pain and restricted range of movement to a life  where they can be  active  and pain free is very rewarding."

Kathleen has had  remarkable results with clients/patients from all walks of life. From  professional athletes, to seniors, children, and medical professionals.   Many have had severe trauma  and have found great relief  through their sessions with Kathleen. She has had impressive success with both men  and women  who have  suffered with pain and restricted  movement  after elective and non elective  surgeries. 

Kathleen has had extensive  training in  a number of advanced release modalities and she continues training  to  keep herself sharp. As she says, "there is always something new to  learn, fine tuning one's skills and learning new relevant  approaches to this work  is a lifetime occupation and my clients  are the ones who reap the rewards."


Every day countless people are affected by chronic pain and the physical limitations it causes. Myofascial release (MFR) is a gentle advanced hands-on bodywork technique that has proven to be very effective in relieving and eliminating acute and chronic pain, improving posture, and increasing comfortable movement. Myofascial release addresses pain at its source and has helped many people who have not had success with traditional forms of therapy.

At Cape Cod Myofascial Release  your  acute and chronic pain issues will be addressed in a relaxing comfortable  atmosphere.